Quarter of employees say they have experienced a data security breach

New research by 247meeting claims to have uncovered worrying lapses in data security in the workplace, with senior management often being the biggest culprits. According to the report: a quarter of senior managers have experienced a stranger on a conference call; 26 percent of employees with access to customer data haven’t been trained on GDPR; over a third of employees don’t know where their security policy is saved; and almost half of employees admit to using technology tools to communicate at work without them being password protected

Despite the huge potential fines for their company, 1 in 4 employees with access to customer data admit they haven’t been trained on GDPR. The top five industries that haven’t been trained on GDPR:

1. Hospitality and Events Management (55%)

2. Media and Internet (45%)

3. Marketing, Advertising and PR (44%)

4. Engineering and Manufacturing (41%)

5. Property and Construction (40%)