Resonate complete new Manchester showroom for Flokk

Resonate are delighted to have completed the stunning new Manchester showroom for leading office furniture manufacturer FlokkResonate are delighted to have completed the stunning new Manchester showroom for leading office furniture manufacturer Flokk. Resonate were approached by Flokk to design their new Manchester Showroom, right in the heart of the city. Previously in a smaller showroom around the corner, Flokk wanted a larger space to showcase their brands as well as their newest acquisition Connection who recently joined the Flokk House of Brands.

The chosen location was formerly an uninspiring photocopier office, featuring a double height corner plot. It was the most predominant office centric location you could possibly find so the ideal spot, as well as complimenting other showroom brands in the area.

And so, Resonate set about crafting and curating a unique space to provide a series of work settings to present the complete Flokk ‘House of Brands’, showcasing the scale of their unrivalled portfolio to provide a wide range of seating, furniture, and accessories for the workplace and beyond.

The key design driver was for the space not to feel or look like a showroom, but more like a co-working space with the look and feel reflecting Flokk through and through. You will note that the Flokk branding is highly visible from the street.

The double height space, with mezzanine, features floor to ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light, acting as a beacon on its corner location.. The circular bay window feature sound sticks created from cardboard fabric rolls and cast-off fabrics, that acts as a focal point to draw the eye and the visitor in.

The space plan had to follow a natural journey through the space. As you enter the space you arrive at the Work Face ,which doubles up as both a welcome reception and café with a concierge service offering a variety of beverages. From here the visitor’s journey leads you through to the Inspire Space. As you climb the stairs up to the mezzanine you come across the retreat which acts as a cosy snug, warmly inviting the visitor to take a seat and relax.

The Task Lab space is set on a plinth and acts as a presentation space leading into the meeting space. As you move down the rear stair you arrive back at the Work Face –  a natural loop through the space.

The result is a balanced design concept where everything works in harmony, providing a calm and serene  environment and the perfect environment for Flokk to bring together their product ranges in a curated showpiece, allowing them to showcase best in class design.

With Flokk selecting all of the furniture, Resonate worked with them to curate a space that enabled them to showcase over 95 different products. The hardest part was bringing that all together in a timeless design, and designing around columns that were hidden behind thin walls!

The colour palette references Flokk brand guidelines with a splash of Manchester personality using vibrant colours. Flokk are also employing a local artist to create a manifestation to adorn the glazing. Bespoke planters feature on the mezzanine, as well as acoustic wall products and treatment which have been used throughout to add texture and help create the zoning.