RICS’ new FM Guidance Note aims to improve business performance

RICS launches guidance note to improve business performanceThe Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has launched a global guidance note which can help facilities and estates managers increase efficiency and drive up profits across business. The Global Strategic Facilities Management (FM) Guidance Note is aimed at facilities managers and corporate real estate professionals overseeing the running of commercial property worldwide, providing recommendations on developing, implementing and evaluating a strategic plan for the running and servicing of individual buildings and property portfolios. The note is also accessible for clients and consultants by providing them with a clear picture of the best practice methods that should be implemented in the running of buildings in order to boost organisational performance.

Johnny Dunford, RICS Global Commercial Property Director said:  “As property is one of business’ biggest expenditures, an effective management plan is crucial to driving down costs and ensuring facilities are run within the context of a firm’s development aims and objectives.

“It is about much more than the day to day servicing and maintenance of a property and there is real potential to add value through greater productivity from a more comfortable workforce, enhanced customer experience and reduced costs through efficient management, all of which contribute to improving an organisation’s performance.

We therefore hope this guidance will be embraced by business and facilities mangers across all industries and countries, thereby directly contribute to the global economy.”

The development of the note was led by RICS’ Strategic Guidance Working Group with input from UK and global bodies. Business leaders and FM professionals worldwide were also called upon to help shape the guidance through UK and global consultations.

Neil Austin of CoreNet UK commented: “We are pleased to have been involved in the development of RICS’ Guidance Note and actively endorse the recommendations it provides on implementing and evaluating a strategic property management plan. Businesses eager to drive organisational performance and boost profits should heed the note’s clear and accessible advice.”