RICS initiative urges built environment sector to be more aware of global impact

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has today launched the ‘Value the Planet’ campaign, promoting the preservation of the planet through the adoption of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). The campaign pushes for increased action within the industry, highlighting the essential need to Value the Planet and will provide support and resources from RICS and the industry to help the profession take both climate action and adopt the UN SDGs. RICS is also today publishing the RICS Responsible Business report which provides recommendations for businesses on ensuring the long-term sustainability of the built environment.

The Implementing the UN SDGs paper published today looking at climate action, highlights three key aims for the profession; thinking across the lifecycle, collaboration; and being accountable.  The paper lists action that can be taken by industry, gives information on professional standards and RICS updates, tips, resources, research, thought leadership, and examples of collaboration – to support RICS professionals and firms in achieving the 2030 target of adoption of the SDGs.

Recommendations for industry in the report include key actions in management and commitment; diversity and collaboration; well-being and employment; community and supplier engagement; and environmental protection.  The recommended approaches to protect the environment include compliance with regulation and proactive disclosure of performance; reduction in environmental impacts, e.g. energy, transport, water; use of projects to provide a step change; promotion of biodiversity as an environmental and social benefit and incorporating the concept of circular economy into the supply chain and business operations.

Matthew Howell, RICS UK MD, comments: “RICS’ Value the Planet campaign launch, will today provide our professionals with a new paper to assist them with implementing the UN goals, and RICS resources to help them be accountable for the sake of future generations.  We are committed to supporting our professionals and firms in this area. This long term campaign, is an opportunity for the UK profession to show its green credentials and to lead on innovation, action and investment in a low-carbon economy, to safeguard the planet and promoting sustained economic growth and human security.”