Sedus Stoll Group ends the 2021 financial year on a positive note

SedusWith a turnover of EUR 195.9 million, the Sedus Stoll Group was able to record sales growth of 6.5 percent over the 2021 financial year. Despite the continuing challenges of COVID-19 and extraordinary cost increases in the energy, transport and material sectors, the Group’s net profit for the year was EUR 2.6 million. The Sedus Stoll Group further expanded its position as a European player in 2021: With revenues of around EUR 88.6 million, the Group was able to record an increase of 18.6 percent overseas. The group of companies further strengthened its market position, in particular, with international business customers.

“2021 was a very good year for the entire office furniture industry as well as for us,” explains Christoph Kargruber, Director of Marketing and Sales at the Sedus Stoll Group. “We have not yet been able to fully make up for the drop in 2020, however, we perceive 2022 as promising and are confident of achieving a very good level of turnover. Should our plans continue on course, we will have come through the Corona pandemic in very good shape overall.”

The innovative and trend-oriented product developments are reflected in the significant growth in revenue for the Sedus Stoll Group in 2021. The shift to agile working, accelerated by the Corona pandemic, has further increased demand for system programmes, such as se:lab, which was developed specifically for New Work Environments. The demand for ergonomic furniture for mobile working also continued to increase in 2021. Not only for end consumers, but also employers. The awareness for employers that their home office employees also need ergonomic office furniture has continued to grow.

In the coming years, the Sedus Stoll Group will continue to invest in original solutions for New Work and modern workplace concepts. The innovation pipeline for the next few years has already been well filled. Further launches are planned for the second half of 2022.

The investments of the Sedus Stoll Group in tangible and intangible assets came to a total of EUR 14.0 million in the 2021 financial year. They were, therefore, EUR 3.2 million above the previous year’s value.

In 2021, around EUR 8.5 million was invested in the 9,000 m² expansion of the production and storage halls and the FUTURA II production facility at the Geseke production site in eastern Westphalia. The new halls are scheduled to be ready for operation in autumn 2022