So where are we?

That’s right. A New Year and still nobody knows anything.

In the past 24 hours, we have learned the following three incompatible things: the amount of office space ‘plunged’ in England last year (although what sort of plunge 2 percent represents is debatable); the City of London approved 70 percent more space last year than it did in 2020; and that financial districts are now obsolete.

No doubt people will still form opinions about this kind of thing. Some will express them more vehemently than others. Most will be based on little more than the headlines that most align with their existing views. And so it will go on.

Things are changing quickly. But they’re also staying the same, anchored by the evolved apes at the heart of it all.

Catch 2022. That’s some catch.

Image: From Office in a Small City by Edward Hopper