Spotting the best features of recruitment websites

The job market can be competitive, even when the UK is experiencing all-time unemployment lows. In fact, the UK’s unemployment rate hasn’t been this good since the mid 1970s. This doesn’t mean that those in search of a job should ease off. There are now more ways than ever before to look for and apply for jobs. The days of searching for jobs on community notice boards are long gone and now we have an agglomeration of job search websites at our disposal.

These online recruitment sites are a godsend and have become integral on how we all look for the perfect position or career in the city of our choice – all in a matter of seconds, without having to move from our comfy sofa. Take for example a city like Manchester, which ever since the Northern Powerhouse project, has seen huge local and foreign investment, increased business activity, improved quality of life and great job opportunities. Anyone wishing to enjoy this vibrant and happening scene, can do so from literally anywhere in the world without any bother or issue, using a reputable service like jobrapido to generate a variety of jobs in Manchester.

However, with technology constantly on the move and the world’s never-ending love for mobile devices, mobile job search apps are making a huge difference. This has mainly to do with convenience and time, as apps allow employers as well as candidates to act fast when new positions become available and subsequently listed.

With recruitment apps becoming so helpful at landing jobs, what makes them effective? Here are the best features of job search apps that you should look out for when looking for work.


  1. Detailed Search Criteria

Finding a job comes down to the small details. How far away is their office? What salary do they pay? What industry do you work in? All of these questions can be answered with an efficient job search criteria. Allowing users to narrow down their search is crucial to making the app easy for them to use without frustration.


  1. Relevant Alerts

Balancing the push notification that your recruitment app sends is also important. Users want to get notified when employers have viewed their application or invited them for interviews, but they do not need to know about irrelevant job listings that they are not qualified for or are not within their reach.


  1. Public CVs

Allowing users to have the option of making their CV public can make them view your app as more valuable. This is because a public CV is one way of always keeping the fishing rod out. It increases hope and the chance of landing a job even when not applying frequently. Headhunters often use public CVs and it can land you excellent positions.


  1. Compatibility

Most of us are divided in opinion when it comes to smartphones. Some people are loyal to iOS devices while others wouldn’t dream of turning their back on their beloved Android phone. Make sure your recruitment app caters to both users to avoid losing a chunk of your market!


  1. Tailored for Employers Too!

A recruitment app may have more job seekers than recruiters, but also providing a space just for recruiters is pivotal to your app’s success. After all, you need to attract recruiters to the app to provide the product which it “sells”.

If you are currently on the job hunt or are even thinking of making your own recruitment app, you will need to consider these five features to make it a success.