The daily drag of poor workplace tech experience

workplace techA new analysis of data from 1.6 million employees generated by Nexthink suggests that companies could do better in terms of the experience of workplace tech they offer to workers. The Digital Experience Score data claims that while most companies understand the importance of providing the best experiences with IT for their employees they struggle to quantify it and so can’t always identify and address problems. The challenge is particularly evident for larger corporations.

The Digital Experience Score defines a set of metrics that impact the digital experience of workplace tech for employees such as devices, collaboration and productivity tools, and business services/applications.


Key Findings

  • The average score for companies with fewer than 20k employees was between 6.7 and 7.0 (out of 10) — this declined to 6.4 for companies with between 20k and 50k employees, and 5.8 for companies over 50k employees
  • The largest measured organisations suffered most with digital employee experience, with those above 50k scoring lowest across four of the five measured categories: Device, Productivity & Collaboration, Business Apps and Web Browsing
  • The highest scoring group was companies with between 10k and 20k employees with an average score of 7.0
  • The largest companies certainly have the most complex IT environments but with the Security metric scoring highest in companies of over 50k employees, the implication is that such a focus on security is having a negative effect on employees’ experience of IT overall
  • The experience scores for Devices are the lowest of all areas in the report with an average score of 4.3, compared to 8.0 for Productivity and Collaboration tools; 7.2 for Security; 7.5 for Web browsing; and 6.8 for Business Apps
  • Problems with logon times were reported with nearly 30% longer than 40 seconds and nearly 10% forced to wait an astonishing 90 seconds or more
  • The ultimate symbol of an employee’s frustration with a device is the hard reset (when nothing else seems to work) and the report showed 14% of devices were given a hard reset every week