The hybrid workplace sagas, part one. Ginnungagap

An image of Odin to illustrate the hybrid workplace saga“Hi Dougie – how’s the new hybrid workplace going?”

“Morning Clara. You mean the Team-Rostered Attendance Programme. It’s fantastic – we have control at last!”

“Wow, I’m jealous. I guess you all just fell into it?”

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Just a hunch. So how does it work?”

“Well, my team and I decided last week we’d be in Tuesday and Thursday – the rest at home. Or wherever. So I structured the rest of my week around it.”

“Superb. What did you do with the other days?”

“Leadership decided this week we’d be together Wednesday and Friday, so I was in those days, too.”

“So…. you had Monday at home?”

“Not exactly. Project Zodiac kicked off so the head decided a face-to-face was necessary for the first one. Looks like we’ll have a weekly meet from here, too, just not sure which days yet. The head decided she may vary it.”

“So – you were in five days last week?”

“Yes. But on my terms. Mostly.”

“What about this week?”


“Must be great to have the control you’ve always longed for?”


Main image: Odin, der Göttervater, public domain