UK staff showing higher levels of happiness – except those in finance sector

Happiness at work in increasingFresh evidence that those working within the financial sector must be in it for the money as, following the news earlier this week that they get the least amount of sleep, they’re also the most unhappy with their work. A third (32%) describe themselves as unhappy at work compared to the 78 per cent of those working in sales, media, and marketing who class themselves as happy. Overall, the number of British workers who are happy at work has jumped by a fifth (20%) compared to this time last year according to Office Angels’ ‘Happiness at Work’ study. More than half (56%) of workers stated they were happy at work during quarter two 2013, compared to just a third (36%) during quarter two 2012. 

Arts and culture was the second happiest sector with over two-thirds (69%) of people saying they were happy in their current job. There is also some indications that workplace happiness levels drop as we age, with two-thirds (68%) of workers aged 18-24 saying they were happy at work, compared to less than half (48%) of workers aged 45-54.

The North East has lowest happiness levels, with just four in ten (43%) stating that they are happy in their current job. 

Darren Roscoe, Operations Director at Office Angels said: “Our research shows that overall the UK workforce is showing very high levels of happiness and job satisfaction, especially when compared to this time last year. Looking beyond this, the outlook for the jobs market appears to be particularly optimistic. Such high happiness levels suggest employers are focussing on the wellbeing of their employees and creating a workplace where people want to stay.”