Workers dislike their work colleagues even more than their boss

Unlikable work colleagues, who are noisy, annoying and even steal from the office fridge top the list of workplace grumbles, according to a survey of 650 UK workers. The YouGov survey, conducted on behalf of Crown Workspace, named fellow colleagues more annoying than old or slow technology, uncomfortable office temperatures and even rude or over-friendly bosses.

Generationally, it seems that millennials (aged between 25-32) have the most to grumble about. Over half (54 percent) of millennials find their colleagues unlikable. In comparison only 36 percent of those aged 45-54 dislike colleagues, indicating that older workers are more tolerant of their younger colleagues. Old technology and unlikable bosses also score highly on millennials list of grumbles, with half (50 percent) moaning about them.

By comparison, only a third of 18-25 year olds listed old technology as an issue, and 30 percent disliked their boss. Millennials, more than any other age group, were also more discontented with: desk space (29 percent), facilities (42 percent), poor office location (30 percent) and poor décor and furniture (25 percent). Out of all of the working age ranges from 18 – 65, millennials moan about each of the top ten grumbles the most.

When it comes to differences between the sexes the research found that women are more likely than men to complain about temperatures (45 percent vs 39 percent) and poor lighting (31 percent vs 22 percent).

The UK’s top 10 office grumbles are:
1. Disagreeable work colleagues
2. Slow or old technology
3. Uncomfortable temperature
4. Disagreeable bosses
5. Poor facilities
6. Poor lighting
7. Inadequate office space
8. Poor office location
9. Inadequate deskspace
10. Poor décor and furniture