A round-up of stories you may have missed on your way back to work 0

workplace designStill catching up after the holidays? So are we. Here are seven recent stories we loved belatedly and think you will too. 1. GM is set to stake its claim as part of the nascent network of self driving cars. 2. Yet another round-up of 2016 trends, this time focussed on HR. 3. A new initiative attempts to cement the UK’s position at the frontier of the smart city movement. 4. A film about the world’s ongoing love hate relationship with the office cubicle. Mostly hate. 5. A reminder to architects that they need to think about the design of sound, too. 6. A look back at the year in which sit-stand desks finally made their mark (just don’t mention the countries that have loved them for years in the non English speaking parts of Northern Europe). 7. Goldman Sachs produce an interesting chart about the fall in space per worker, but provoke a possibly faulty conclusion from the author. Just because people are given less space, doesn’t mean the office is dying. Main image courtesy of Herman Miller.