AI is not coming for your job. But it will make it better

Barry Murphy, Vice President GTM - Cloud, Applications & Infrastructure, Unisys, explains how business leaders can reassure workforces that AI will enhance their jobs, not replace them.  “Artificial intelligence will outsmart humans, resolve all IT and business problems, and humans will not be needed in the workforce!” These are some of the most common misconceptions that too many companies and workforces currently have around AI and automation. To date, workforces have been inclined to broach AI with apprehension due to concerns that it will negatively affect or eliminate their jobs. Conversations have skewed towards the technology as a disruptive force, here to steal jobs and ultimately leave people redundant. A study found that 60 percent of workers are concerned about job loss in regards to working with Gen AI. Additionally, a further third worried that,  despite AI being unable to completely  replace them, it could make them less useful in the workplace. More →