BIM task force group to represent built environment


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is of as much importance to those tasked with using and managing buildings as those involved in their design and construction and has led to the formation of the BIM4FM group, which represents institutes, trade associations and professional bodies within the built environment. Supported by the Cabinet Office Government Property Unit, the BIM4FM group will provide input into the on going development of BIM and work being developed through the Government Property Unit and BIM Task Group. Geoff Prudence, Chair of the BIM4FM group said: “Although BIM has long been discussed at the construction end of the supply chain it has only recently and repeatedly started to raise its profile with those operating and using buildings.”

“As construction becomes more familiar with the concept of whole life-cycle costing, end users are increasingly being asked to input into the construction process at an early stage. Therefore, we feel there is a need to understand the current perception and awareness of BIM from those using and managing buildings.

To signal its launch the group is promoting a survey to establish what FMs, owners and occupiers need from Building Information Modelling (BIM), establishing the level of awareness across the industry and the barriers which need to be overcome.

Working in collaboration, the purpose of the BIM4FM group, is to champion facilities management’s involvement within BIM and Government Soft Landings (GSL) projects.

The group has set itself some initial tasks which include:

  • Defining what BIM means to FM.
  • Identifying the benefits of BIM & GSL to FM and for owners and occupiers.
  • Raising awareness of BIM & GSL from a strategic and operational (FM) perspective.
  • Producing guidance/communication and documentation for FMs as outputs where appropriate.

Prudence continued: “This is the first time that all of the institutes, professional bodies and associations representing facilities managers, occupiers, owners and building services have come together to work on a single issue.

“Our group is delighted to be paving the way for future collaborative working across our industry. However, it also highlights the importance of BIM as a future technology to our respective organisations, and the speed at which it is being embedded across the built environment.”

The BIM4FM group would like to ensure that the industry works together to support and educate facilities managers, owners and occupiers, as well as developing stronger relationships with other members of the built environment supply chain.

The BIM4FM group is made up of:

  • BIS – Business, Innovation & Skills BIM Task Group
  • BIFM – British Institute of Facilities Management
  • B&ES – Building and Engineering Services Association
  • BSA – Business Services Association
  • BSRIA – Building Services Research and Information Association
  • CIBSE – Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
  • GPU – Cabinet Office Government Property Unit
  • FMA – Facilities Management Association
  • RIBA – Royal Institute of British Architects
  • RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

The survey is open for completion and is available at

The BIM4FM group intends to announce its results during summer 2013. The survey will remain open until 2nd May 2013.

by Sara Bean