Chris Kane discusses his new book on workplace transformation

The physician can bury his mistakes,—but the architect can only advise his client to plant vines. Frank Lloyd Wright’s eternal epigram is not just true for buildings. It also applies to the authors of books, especially those on the subjects most affected by this year’s pandemic. Speakers and blog writers can quietly inter the things they get wrong, while the book sits unchangeable on a shelf. Maybe behind a houseplant.

And yet several of Europe’s foremost workplace thinkers are casting new books into the eye of this year’s storm. One of them is Chris Kane. One of the best known figures in corporate real estate worldwide, a qualified surveyor, but one with an MBA, and one of the people who drove transformational change at organisations like Walt Disney and the BBC, Chris has tracked the changing workplace for three decades. Conceived before we’d even heard of COVID-19, his new book Where Is My Office has undergone some revisions to acknowledge the events of 2020, but it has also held to its original premiseSo why write a book? And why now? 

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