Employers care more about saving costs than wellbeing, according to majority of workers

Three of every five UK employees believe that their employer cares more about saving money than the wellbeing of their workforce, according to the latest research report from workspace efficiency company Cloudbooking. The Employee Evolution report (registration), which explores the attitudes of 1,000 employees, claims that there is a disconnect between what makes employees happy at work and what they are currently experiencing. Cloudbooking’s research also suggests that 88 percent of employees think that workplace wellbeing is one of the most critical elements in creating a positive experience for all workers, yet businesses are failing to address issues that are negatively impacting the experience and wellbeing of employees.

The Cloudbooking report claims that efficient technology is the most important influence on a positive work experience, according to 90 percent of employees. More than three-quarters (79 percent) also consider technology to be the number one stressor in the workplace, with 60 percent naming it their number one productivity blocker. This could be explained by 49 percent of workers saying they spend too much time trying to get their technology to actually work properly, the study concludes.