European employers failing to provide technology for collaborative working

European employers failing to provide technology for collaborative workingAlthough most organisations encourage remote team work, only 3 percent of European employees say their current working environment is suitable for collaborative work such as online video conferencing, according to new research by ADP. Almost half (44%) of workers say that technology helps them understand the mission and values of their organisation, whilst 51 percent believe that technology fosters better relationships with colleagues. Yet one in four employees would like to have more quiet zones for detailed thinking, while a third (30%) would like to have access to technologies that enhance collaboration such as file sharing tools. Employees in the UK are less likely to be equipped with the latest technology; more than eight in ten (82%) French, German and Dutch employees have access to the latest business tools to allow them to do their job effectively, compared to 70 percent of UK employees.

Across Europe, the most commonly used tools include fast internet (75%), a business laptop (59%), conference call capabilities (52%) and a work mobile phone (44%).

Despite the high adoption rate, there are clear gaps in technology adoption between countries. German employees are 50 percent more likely to be provided with a business laptop than those in the UK. Similarly, Germans are 46 percent more likely to have access to fast internet than UK employees, while French workers are 36 percent more likely to have a work mobile phone.

Commenting on the findings, Annabel Jones, UK HR Director at ADP, said: “Even though workers across Europe are generally satisfied with the tools they have been provided with, this shows organisations must consider how they are going to create an environment that meets the requirements of the modern workforce.

“People feel passionately about access to technology, and companies that fail to take this into account risk losing out in the war for talent.”