Flexible working the key to attracting female talent

Flexible working is the key to make construction a more attractive and progressive career choice for female talent, according to a RICS poll which claims the top recommendations industry professionals believe will help employers encourage more female talent into the property sector.

Women make up around 14 percent of the construction industry’s workforce, therefore it comes as no surprise that 48 percent of respondents to RICS’ poll voted flexible working options as the top recommendation to help encourage and retain more female talent in the property and construction sector.

This was followed by the need for more firms to raise awareness of their successful female role models (31 percent), wider pay gap reporting (14 percent) and better return to work programmes (7 percent).

Barry Cullen, Head of Future Talent, Diversity & Inclusion at RICS commented: “Unfortunately we see the highest proportion of female chartered surveyors leave the profession between the ages of 28-35, most likely to raise a family and/or pursue a career change that fits around their family life. However, with the right network of support, these skilled and experienced women should be given the opportunity to return to the industry, and gain any new skills or knowledge required to do their job effectively.

“Employers need to realise that offering flexible working can go a long way in helping to retain talented men and women who have parental responsibilities as it often increases employee morale, engagement, and commitment to the organisation.”