Global wellness spend has increased worldwide

Spending on wellness has doubled in the last decade and will continue to grow at an impressive rate, according to a new global trends report by McCann Truth Central which canvassed the views of 7,000 people from the US, UK, Japan, China, Turkey, South Africa and Brazil. The Truth about Wellness reveals that wellness has shifted from being a perceived luxury to being considered a fundamental human right and the average person now believes they will live to 79, an optimism which is being fueled by a technical revolution which directly impacts upon health.

Over a third of people said the wellness of their family has suffered since the onset of the global financial crisis – with other challenges being pollution, lack of time and willpower. There were also much trepidation surrounding technology and health, with a fear that, as technology becomes more sophisticated, we will lose something fundamental to our humanity and our wellness, be that our privacy, control over time and the ability to have real conversations.

However, as the report finds, that is where the dichotomy lies, as 54% believe that technology will make us more well, but 46% think it will make us sicker.

The report concludes: “there has never been a better time to be an innovator in the health and wellness space.”  74% of consumers think that wellness is going to become more important in the future and in the new wellness ecosystem, technical innovation is the key to transforming much about our health.