Great Place to Work Institute reveals world’s best multinational workplaces

Great PLace to Work

Google Offices in Amsterdam

The Great Place to Work Institute has released its latest list of the 25 multinational companies that it believes are “leading  the way into a more hopeful economic age”. The full list is available on the organisation’s convoluted and impenetrable website and as part of a new report, The Dawn of the Great Workplace Era, which describes a world in which “all people can expect to work for an organization where they trust their leaders, enjoy their colleagues and take pride in what they do”. This year’s list of firms has been chosen from 6,200 companies worldwide based on employee surveys and an assessment of each company’s policies. The Top Five for 2014 – Google, SAS Institute, NetApp, W L Gore and Associates and Belcorp – have been ranked as the top multinational workplaces, “for demonstrating rising levels of trust, camaraderie and pride.” These are the companies that “are taking steps to ensure that promotions go to those who best deserve them, to increase transparency, and to encourage employees to balance work and life,” according to China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work.

The report highlights the factors that determine the high ranking of each of the named businesses, not least as measured by Great Place to Work’s Trust Index. It claims that Google invariably features prominently and finished top this year.

It is followed by SAS Institute ranked second for a consecutive year, whose CEO Jim Goodnight said, “Our philosophy has been focused on people and well-being since day one.” The company supports education as part of young people’s success, particularly in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

CEO of third-ranked NetApp used the used “improving” to describe the company’s culture. “There are specific elements of our value that we want to work on. Culture matters, it is very important to our business.” The company has a Guiding Coalition in place, an employee-based team passionate about making change happen.

At fourth-ranked W. L. Gore & Associates, every associate has a sponsor who is actively committed to their success. One of them said, “There is a network of people behind me encouraging me to be successful.”

Belcorp, at fifth place, is the highest ranking newcomer as well as the highest ranking Peruvian company. “Trust allows you to be creative, to perform, and to be your best, most authentic self,” said Maria-Lizzy Massa, Belcorp’s director of corporate and legal affairs.