Half of UK employers have now introduced wellbeing schemes 0

Nearly two thirds (63 percent) of UK employees experience stress in their jobs, according to a new study of workplace wellbeing by Happiness Works on behalf of Robert Half UK. Of those who find their roles demanding, nearly one in 10 said their job was very stressful.  To address the high-levels of stress and other issues among employees, organisations are introducing wellbeing initiatives to support the physical and mental health of employees at work. Nearly half (48 percent) of businesses offer tools designed to promote wellbeing in the workplace, with one in seven providing stress management seminars or training and annual leave for personal and mental wellbeing. Other initiatives being introduced include counselling (17 percent), leaving work early on a Friday (17 percent) and limiting the amount of overtime that employees can do (11 percent).
According to the report, UK businesses are also looking to create agile work environments that provide a better work experience and improve staff loyalty. Alongside introducing flexible working policies (17 percent), organisations are rethinking how the design of the workplace impacts health, wellbeing and productivity. One in seven employers have developed ergonomic workplaces and supply healthy food or drinks.

To promote healthy behaviours, UK employers are also turning to new measures that encourage physical wellbeing. One in five have introduced company bicycle or cycling schemes, followed by subsidised gym membership (15 percent), corporate sporting and fitness (10 percent) and tools, such as step counters, that encourage employees to move (9 percent).