Help us to investigate the psychological components of workplace noise

Publication1I recently reviewed over one hundred papers on the impact of noise on workplace satisfaction and found that on average sound level only accounts for 25 percent of effects. By contrast, more than half of the effect is due to psychological factors such as context and attitude, perceived control and predictability and personality type. Noise is a psychophysical phenomenon and as long as we continue to focus on physical metrics and disregard the psychological component, we will never resolve the biggest and often ignored problem of noise in the workplace. The review (available to download for free here) was the first step in revisiting how we tackle the issue. The second step is an on-line survey to explore the relationship between personality and noise distraction. I’d like to invite you to contribute to this research and participate in this survey by clicking here.

As a thank you for completing the workplace noise survey I will:

  • Email you a copy of the survey findings and our next report
  • Email you explaining your personality profile (once all results analysed)
  • Invite you to attend a free Ecophon seminar on the research results
  • Enter you in a prize draw for free place at the Learning Environments Conference in July 2015
  • Enter you in a prize draw for free place at the Workplace Trends Conference in October 2015

I do hope you decide to support this research and complete the survey.