Many UK facilities managers still failing to see the magic of BIM, claims report

Zim Sala BimAccording to a new survey from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the UK’s facilities managers are simply not ‘getting’ what Building Information Modelling is all about and how it can be applied. The latest research into the acronym replete debate about the role of BIM found that more than a third of facilities management professionals are unfamiliar with building information modelling and its uses. RICS is calling on facilities managers to increase their general awareness of the potential of the technology. The survey was carried out on behalf of RICS by the crudely monikered and government funded BIM4FM initiative and found that of the nearly two thirds (65 percent) of respondents who were aware of BIM, nearly all (62 percent) believed it would help them in their roles.

Over a quarter of those surveyed said they had already applied it on a project although the report claims that there may remain some confusion between BIM and 3D modelling. A similar proportion of respondents (23 percent) claimed their organisation would be using BIM in the future  with two thirds undecided. As we reported previously, cost remains a concern as is the ability to integrate BIM with existing systems. Just over a half reported the cost of implementation as a major concern.

Johnny Dunford, global commercial property director at RICS, said: “Clearly the benefits of BIM and the competitive advantage it provides are not fully appreciated by the FM industry. RICS is eager to address this to ensure the profession is not left behind but instead seizes the opportunities presented by new technologies. It is vital that the entire property industry works together to ensure the data BIM produces is transferable across the different professions operating at every stage of a building’s life-cycle. By embracing BIM, FM professionals not only gain additional skills but can also become involved at the design stage as an educated consultant.”