The May issue of Work&Place is available for you to read online

Work&PlaceThe May issue of Work&Place is now available to view online in two formats. If there is a theme for this quarter’s issue, it is the intersection of the different physical and technological spaces which make up the modern workplace. This not only throws up fascinating topics and ideas, it also has profound implications for the way we create, manage and inhabit these spaces and is also eroding many of the old demarcations between professions. The issue maintains its international perspective and features many of the world’s most prominent workplace thinkers. Of course, this is not a one way street and you can join the discussion with the Work&Place contributors and many others. We hope that you will take up this opportunity to ask questions, challenge the writers, or to make a related point at the Work&Place LinkedIn Group or via Twitter.


  • Kerstin Sailer, Ros Pomeroy, Rosie Haslem
    How evidence based design is reshaping the very world around us
  • Chris Kane & Chris Moriarty
    Opening up The Workplace Conversation
  • Rebecca Booth
    Cornell University’s research on leadership, workplace transformation and new cultures
  • Paul Statham
    Managing the intersecting worlds of work on a global scale
  • John Blackwell
    Organisations are beginning to lose patience with IT and property directors
  • Paull Robathan
    The endlessly changing definitions of workplace and technology
  • Maciej Markowski
    The rehabilitation of open plan office design
  • Paul Doherty
    Smart cities, smart buildings and the growing allure of infinite data
  • Douglas Langmead
    Long distance commuting in the UAE
  • Christina Bodin Danielsson
    The implications of the new workplace for leadership