The Workplace Event launches annual Workplace Data Census

workplace data censusThe Workplace Event has launched a Workplace Data Census, in partnership with Accruent, designed to develop a better understanding about the access, use and value of data, and the opportunities and challenges it presents. The Workplace Event’s Workplace Data Census dives deep into the current usage and output of data. The results of the survey will map how organisations are capturing and utilising the various data opportunities in today’s workplaces and develop a robust understanding of the value placed on it by business leaders.

The Data Census is launched in partnership with Accruent, the provider of solutions to manage the built environment, and covers physical, people and cultural data types as well as assessing which tools are being used to support data management. Importantly it will assess existing business drivers most heavily influenced by data and what is required to develop insights that can inform decision making. The deadline for survey responses is 5pm on Friday 4th March.

The census is one in a series of upcoming announcements from The Workplace Event, a new event for 2022 that builds upon the robust industry foundations laid by its predecessor, The Facilities Event. As well as the workplace data census findings, the event, comprising an exhibition and a conference, will showcase the latest insights and innovations in workplace experience and facilities management, including how the design of workspaces, technology and experiences can drive better organisational outcomes.

Tristan Norman, The Workplace Event, said “There’s lots of talk about technology and data n the workplace but it is essential that the right data is captured from the outset and understood before positive outcomes can be realised. In launching the Workplace Data Census we hope not only to get under the skin of how workplace data is being used today, but also track on a yearly basis how behaviours and focus changes over time. At a time where many organisations are assessing their workplace strategies the importance of collecting relevant, impactful workplace data has never been higher.”

Andrew Schafer, SVP and Managing Director (International) at Accruent, added “We’re delighted to be able to support such an important insight project. Data usage is at an all-time high, but it is crucially important that this usage is impactful. That means collecting the right data and allowing it to power effective evidence-based decisions. We look forward to assessing where the professional community is on this data journey and how we can use the insights to help shape the future.”

The Workplace Event will include:

  • a three-day conference programme where keynote speakers will explain the trends that are shaping workplace experience, how employee expectations are shifting, the digitisation of the workplace, sustainable workplaces, hybrid working and more.
  • the Knowledge Hub, a free to attend seminar programme showcasing all the cutting-edge products and technologies that will enhance facility and workplace performance. A mixture of presentations, live demonstrations, and workshops, to gain practical insight and know how so attendees can enhance their workspace, employee performance and business potential.
  • a curated exhibition bringing together workplace interiors and design companies, digital technology, facilities services and building management providers, and more to help elevate workplace strategy and performance.
  • The Wellbeing Recharge Zone where visitors can rest and restore with interactive wellbeing initiatives, quiet spaces, and the opportunity to speak to leaders in the field about how workplace wellbeing can make a difference to organisations.

To complete The Workplace Event’s Data Census please visit: