Third of firms believe hybrid working improves productivity, but at a cost

A poll from the latest Bupa Global Executive Wellbeing Index suggests that over a third (35 percent) of UK business leaders feel implementing hybrid working has brought greater productivity to their organisations. Over a quarter (29  percent) of UK executives said they had now embraced the benefits of hybrid working despite being previously dubious about the practice, with more than two-fifths (44 percent) saying they personally enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid workplace. Overall, over a third of UK business leaders (35 percent) agreed that working from home increases productivity.

However, the data also suggests that almost two-fifths of businesses (38 percent) are finding it difficult to successfully implement hybrid working practices, with just over a quarter (26 percent) preferring staff to be in the office. Additionally, just 15 percent of UK leaders said they felt culture had improved since the pandemic, the lowest of all of countries included in the study.