UK offices lack the features needed to boost productivity and wellbeing of introverts

A poll from Office Genie claims that Britain’s workplaces are in need of a makeover, with many not catering to employees’ needs. According to the survey of around 1,500 people, workspaces are lacking distinct, tailor-made areas that could enable employees to work more effectively, particularly introverted workers. After surveying 1,456 British office workers, the poll suggests the majority of workplaces do not have areas that aid lone-working (67 percent), offer privacy (54 percent), or opportunities for quiet work (58 percent). They also do not have spaces that promote collaboration (45 percent) or provide chill-out areas for staff (74 percent). Respondents were asked if their workplace allows them to carry out their work comfortably and 20 percent stated it does not. Worryingly, of that number, 70 percent claim it affects their desire to come to work. In terms of improved wellbeing and productivity, chill-out areas, quiet areas, and private spaces are top of workers’ lists.

The findings suggest that quiet areas and private spaces would be of particular benefit to introverts in the office. Nearly a third (30 percent) of those identifying as introverts believe a quiet area would help with their wellbeing, compared to 22 percent of extroverts. Introverts believe private work stations would provide a boost to productivity: 24 percent, compared to 17 percent of extroverts. When a large percentage of the workforce identify as introverts (41 percent), this is clearly worth bearing in mind.

Image: Boss Design