Video: reimagining work to help people become happier and more productive

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Most companies are engaged in an attempt to help employees become happier, more productive and – yes –fitter at work. Firms do this because they are nice people or in the commercial interest of the business, or both. The problem is they are not doing it with a fixed set of criteria. Not only do they have to cope with changing commercial and economic conditions and legislation, they have to do it while the very nature of work evolves rapidly and in very different ways for different organisations. This is not so much like somebody moving the goal posts as it is like one of those games on It’s A Knockout where a contestant tries to do something while other people are shaking the platform they are standing on, squirting them with water, running into them, hitting them with things and yanking them back with ropes.

 How to pick your way through this particular gauntlet was the subject of this typically invigorating RSA talk from Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft. The subject is also invariably one of the key themes of workplace conferences and it will be once more at Worktech this year. Dave is one of the speakers at this year’s event in London on 19 November and  if his RSA talk is anything to go by, will be well worth attending.