Workplace Matters Podcast on productivity, professionalism and activity based working with Chris Moriarty 0

This week sees the return of the Workplace Matters podcast from 3edges, and season 2 kicks off with a cracker. I am in conversation with the inimitable raconteur Chris Moriarty, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Leesman, and formerly of the British Institute of Facilities Management. Expect soap box moments galore as Chris and Ian discuss Leesman, the Workplace Conversation as a precursor to The Stoddart Review, and the role of professional bodies. Chris also offers myth-busting perspectives on activity-based working, millennials, and of course the infamous workplace P word – productivity – based on Leesman dataset insights. It’s essential listening. Expect season 2 to broaden the perspective beyond the physical aspects of workplaces as we continue to join the dots. Conversations coming soon include Bee Heller from The Pioneers, Perry Timms from PTHR, Dr Kerstin Sailer from Brainybirdz, Jacqui Martin from Design_North and Dr Rob Harris from Ramidus. Subscribe and listen to this and all episodes on Acast or iTunes, on any mobile device.


Ian EllisonIan Ellison is one of the UK’s foremost commentators on workplace and facilities management issues. He is a Partner of consultancy 3Edeges (@3edges) and the host and creator of the Workplace Matters podcast (@wpmpodcast). Prior to that he was a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam the University and had a ten-year career in operational FM in both in-house and outsourced roles. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future episodes – contact him @ianellison or at