A chance to have a say on your experience of open plan office design

Johnson Wax building early open plan officeThe debate on open plan versus enclosed offices rages on, but it’s not binary, it’s not black or white, it’s not a dichotomy. Furthermore, office occupants appear to have different preferences from the wide range of workplace design solutions that are available. To inform workplace design, we need to understand what drives these individual preferences. Is it factors such as personality, personalisation, flexibility, sense of belonging and familiarity that affect where people prefer to work?

Nigel Oseland of Workplace Unlimited and Maggie Procopi of Workplace Trends are therefore conducting independent research on the subtleties of why some individuals prefer open plan, and agile working, to others

The first stage of their study is a short 10-minute on-line survey. Please take the survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/OffPref. Also do share the survey with your employees and colleagues and all those you think might offer an informed view on the subject. We really would like to shed more light on a subject that seems to generate a bit too much heat right now.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]To inform workplace design, we need to understand what drives these individual preferences[/perfectpullquote]

As a thank you for completing the survey you can choose to enter a prize draw for a free ticket to a Workplace Trends Conference and to also receive an early copy of the research report.

Nigel has written extensively on this and related topics based on his own research and that of other experts in the fields of workplace design, acoustics, psychology, wellbeing, productivity and organisational theory. Last year we republished a piece he wrote five years ago as the debate about the open plan was beginning to intensify and now looks incredibly prescient.

Maggie is the driving force behind the Workplace Trends conference series which explores key workplace topics in a unique and unbiased way that relies on solid data and insights from independent experts and occupiers themselves.

Main image: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Wax Building


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