Britain’s best offices + American workplace + Flexible working hierarchy 0

alphabeta_1In this week’s Newsletter; Anna King reflects on the fact that offices seem to be morphing into homes, and homes are, conversely, functioning as places of work; Tar Tumber warns that being pregnant and suffering discrimination or redundancy is not at all unusual; and Mark Eltringham argues we have to find a way of dealing with a new age of artificial intelligence. In research, a new US survey reveals the nature of jobs is undergoing a fundamental shift; occupants of high-performing, certified green buildings have high cognitive functions; and workers spend half their time checking emails. High earners are 47 percent more likely to work flexibly and the government releases its latest framework which covers a range of property-related services. View our gallery of this year’s BCO award winners: download our new Briefing, produced in partnership with Boss Design on the link between culture and workplace strategy and design; visit our new events page, follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn Group to discuss these and other stories.