Friendly colleagues make an organisation a good place to work, poll claims

A new poll by HR and payroll software provider Ciphr suggests that most people (85 percent) can name at least three positive aspects that make the company that employs them a good place to work. ‘Good people / friendly employees’ was the top pick for two-fifths (40 percent) of the 1,006 British workers polled, with a further third citing good pay and job security (35 percent and 34 percent respectively). Having a supportive manager is the fourth most important consideration for around a quarter of respondents, followed by a good employee benefits package (27 percent and 24 percent respectively).

Around one in five people also rated organisations which encourage flexible working and work-life balance, have a good industry-wide reputation, support employees’ wellbeing, and promote a safe and fair working environment, alongside diversity and inclusion.

Survey respondents were asked to share why they think their organisation is a good place to work. They could select as many or as few of the reasons that applied to them from a comprehensive, and randomised, list of 43 options (each person chose seven on average). Among the available options was a statement offering an opposing view for people who didn’t want to endorse their organisation as a good place to work.

Only 6 percent of people admitted that there was ‘nothing’ about the company that employs them that made it a ‘good place to work’.

Even those looking for a change of employer were far more positive than negative. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of the people planning to change jobs this year, or already in the throes of doing so, gave at least three reasons why their organisation was a good place to work (and 53 percent named at least five reasons). Demonstrating that there’s usually many reasons – rarely just one – that determines why individuals join, stay, or leave an organisation.

The top 15 reasons why an organisation is a good place to work, ranked by popularity, are:

  • Good colleagues / friendly people (40 percent)
  • Good pay (35 percent)
  • Provides job security (34 percent)
  • Good / supportive managers (27 percent)
  • Good employee benefits / reward package (24 percent)
  • Encourages flexible working / work-life balance (21 percent)
  • Has a good reputation in its industry / sector (21 percent)
  • Supports its employees’ wellbeing (21 percent)
  • Promotes a safe, fair and healthy work environment (21 percent)
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion (20 percent)
  • Provides remote working options (19 percent)
  • Values and respects all employees equally (19 percent)
  • Has strong core values and purpose (19 percent)
  • Appreciates and recognises employees’ work fairly (18 percent)
  • Good career growth / advancement opportunities (17 percent)