Third of stressed workers say employers neglect their mental health needs

A third of UK workers (31 percent) say their employer has little or no interest in their mental health, despite the fact that a fifth (20 percent) are stressed out on a daily basis, and for almost a third (33 percent) the issue is so bad that they’re considering looking for a new role. This is according to a new study of nearly 1,300 workers by ADP which found that workplace stress peaks amongst younger employees, with 22 percent of workers under 35 saying they experience stress every day, and 42 percent saying that it is so bad, they’re considering jumping ship. This contrasts with only 19 percent and 26 percent respectively of those over 35 who feel this way, suggesting employees become better at managing stress as they get older.  Mental health issues have risen in prominence in recent years, with high profile figures, such as Prince William and Prince Harry, speaking out to break the taboo around the subject, which affects one in four people every year. Yet despite this shift, the findings indicate that many employers are still brushing the issue under the carpet.

The findings claim to shine a spotlight on the impact of staffing and funding cuts on the healthcare sector, with two in five healthcare professionals (40 percent) considering leaving their role due to stress – the highest of any industry. Healthcare workers are also amongst the most likely to say their employer isn’t interested in their mental wellbeing, a sentiment felt by 35 percent of respondents, which is only likely to exacerbate the problem.