Wellbeing, culture and engagement are three main drivers for positive workforce 0


The three main drivers of positive employee experiences are wellbeing, culture and engagement claims the latest State of the Industry Survey by Virgin Pulse. The report goes on to suggest that organisations that invest in these three key areas will see a measurable impact on business performance and outcomes. For example, the results revealed that 78 percent of organisations view employee wellbeing as a critical component of their business strategy; and 74 percent of employers with strategic, holistic wellbeing programs saw improvements in employee satisfaction and 65 percent saw improvements in organisational culture. In fact, 95 percent of organisations view culture as important for driving business outcomes; while 80 percent of organisations plan to improve corporate culture in the coming year. Engagement investments also have a strong impact on business results.

56 percent of companies saw improvements in employee satisfaction, 40 percent reported enhanced company culture, and 14 percent saw revenue growth as a result of employee engagement programmes. Improving employee engagement remains a key organisational focus, with 88 percent of respondents calling it a top priority. The survey also includes insight into the internal and interpersonal factors that affect employee engagement, key drivers of organisational culture, and the relationship between employee wellbeing and engagement.

Issued in partnership with Human Capital Media, this year’s survey asked over 600 HR and benefits leaders at global organisations to weigh in on how employee wellbeing, workplace culture and employee engagement are connected and the role they play in driving employee satisfaction, retention and performance within their organisations.