Half of workers admit tech multi-tasking affects concentration

Over half of workers admit gadget-based multi-tasking affects concentrationAt the Smart Working summit last week, one of the speakers was asked his opinion on the growing acceptance of people using Smartphones, laptops and tablets during meetings. He replied that the fact workers are expected to plough through so many emails a day, it’s hardly surprising that people are now more likely to check their devices more frequently. Now new research suggests that (unsurprisingly) over half of workers believe this negatively affects concentration. According to a survey of 1,002 UK workers in full or part-time employment carried out by Probrand 89 percent confessed to ‘tech multi-tasking’ – or checking their devices during meetings. A further 81 percent are also guilty of doing so when they are actually carrying out other tasks at work. And although 45 percent of those who do this kind of gadget-based multi-tasking found it actually helps them to be more efficient, 53 percent admit that their concentration actually suffers as a result.

Checking emails is the number one task people will compulsively undertake in this manner. But it’s not all positive – as social media channels and instant messaging (including text messages, WhatsApp and more) followed in second and third place, according to the survey

Matt Royle, marketing director at Probrand.co.uk commented: “The rise of multiple devices in the workplace in addition to the advent of remote cloud-based technologies mean that it’s never been easier for workers to be switched on 24/7 – but the research shows this isn’t always helpful.

“Some workers are being distracted by their devices during meetings, which can actually hamper productivity and focus.”