More than a third of legal professionals considered quitting their jobs due to poor mental health

legal professionalsMore than a third (37 percent) of legal professionals have considered leaving their role due to poor mental health and wellbeing, according to the latest research from Exizent.

Exizent conducted a survey of legal professionals to understand their experience of working life pre- and post-pandemic. Whilst the lasting effects of lockdown continue and the ‘Great Resignation’ rolls on, the results prove employee wellbeing and job satisfaction remain paramount in this new world of work. The majority of respondents said that workplace stress has impacted their mental health while more than half (56 percent) said stress at work has caused them to make mistakes; as a result, half (49 percent) admit these workplace challenges and stresses have caused them to look for a new job.

The survey also suggests that workplace stress is affecting legal professional’s personal lives – two fifths (40 percent) of respondents said workplace challenges and stresses had a negative impact on their home/family life and 69 percent said the stress of work affects their sleep. Furthermore, 44 percent said it had a negative impact on their mental health and 38 percent said it had a negative impact on their physical health. One-in-five have had to take time off work as a result.

While 16 percent said their employer offering mental health support would help, most wanted more practical solutions to help ease the burden and relieve stress, with 58 percent saying their employer could hire more staff to improve their working life and wellbeing, half (44 percent) saying improved working practices and processes are needed, and a third (35 percent) calling for improved software.

Nick Cousins, founder and CEO of Exizent said: “While it is not a surprise that the pandemic has impacted the legal profession, what is shocking is just how much of an impact it is still having on both the working and home lives of those working in the sector, with as many as 37 percent of respondents saying they have even considered quitting their jobs to try and relieve the stress they are under and protect their mental health and wellbeing. The research shows that there are a few key factors driving these issues, one of which is inefficient practices and a lack of investment in software.”