Over a third of staff say employers fail to invest in next-generation workplace technology

Over a third of staff say employers fail to invest in next-generation workplace technologyThe majority of employees are disappointed with their company’s lack of investment in technology, and despite the fact three quarters (76 percent) want to request flexible working – almost half still don’t have the option of working more flexibly, a new report from a technology company claims. According to the survey by technology company Ingram Micro Cloud UK, in collaboration with technology company Microsoft, despite the fact that Millennials and Centennials are often thought to be the driving force behind changing workplace practices – and are often derided in popular discourse for having unreasonable and unrealistic expectations – the calls for change are coming from all segments of the workforce. However, 85 percent of Millennials admit to procuring their own workplace technologies such as instant messaging, Skype, file hosting and sharing tools (all available from Ingram Micro Cloud) that aren’t supported or provided by their employer, which raises major security issues, acco.

The survey also uncovers that Millennials are falling out of love with email in favour of modern communications tools such as video conferencing, with 66 per cent saying that they prefer these tools and services.

Other key findings from the research from a technology company include:

  • Over a quarter of employees expect AI and machine learning to make the biggest impact in the workplace in the next five years.
  • 76 percent of employees want flexible working hours, but almost half of the UK’s workforce do not have an option to work from home.
  • A quarter of employees think Big Data will transform the way they work in the next five years, which is expected to enhance productivity across teams.

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