Stress of pandemic has brought people closer, claims Microsoft

Stress and the workplaceMicrosoft’s new Work Trend Index Special Report, entitled “Technology Can Help Unlock a New Future for Frontline Workers”, suggests that 78 percent of frontline workers in the UK claim to feel “very bonded” to co-workers because of shared stress brought on by the pandemic and the shift to new ways of working.

However, the study also revealed that these staff feel overworked, exhausted and unsupported by management. 55 percent of frontline workers said they do not feel valued as an employee, 63 percent want more help with physical exhaustion and 58 percent need more mental health support.

57 percent of UK frontline staff also say worker shortages due to the pandemic are making it difficult for them to do their job, with 69 percent believing that work stress will stay the same or worsen in the coming year.

This is leading many frontline employees to move jobs, with more money, a better work-life balance and the chance for pay increases cited as the top reasons.

To combat these issues, bosses must listen to their staff and address their concerns. For example, 56 percent of UK frontline workers are excited about the job opportunities that technology can bring, while a third claim they do not have the right tech to do their job effectively, and over half did not receive proper training to use digital tools.

Further details can be found on the Work Trend Index microsite here.