The most read workplace stories from the last twelve months

Sky Central workplaceOne of the greatest joys of online publishing is the opportunity it offers to reflect on the demonstrable preoccupations and interests of an informed audience. We can see what professionals see as the most important issues they face by what they read in the UK’s most widely read publication in its field. It’s especially heartening to see that those do not include the usual glib misdirections about Millennials, gimmicky office design, robots, open plan and ‘trends’ that have been more or less commonplace for years. We can leave those to others. Instead you have been seeking out stories that challenge the lazy mainstream narratives, reflect the reality of the endlessly shifting landscape of work, understand the challenges involved and retain a focus on the human beings at the centre of it all. So, here are the ten most read pieces from Workplace Insight published over the past 365 days. 

  1. The world converges on the new issue of Work&Place
  2. HR Directors turning their attention to workplace design and experience
  3. A unity of opposites at Sky Central
  4. Ten demonstrable truths about the workplace you may not know
  5. Stranger than we can imagine: the future of work and place in the 21st Century
  6. Whatever you might be told, this is not the Office of the Future
  7. What we may be missing about IBM’s decision on flexible working
  8. Forget it being all about millennials, we need to design for a multi-generational workforce
  9. An environmental psychology perspective on workplace design
  10. The role of workplace design in employee engagement

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