Work&Place new issue showcases most informed and challenging workplace thinking

The new issue of Work&Place has been published and is free to read on the journal’s new website. Its overall readership is now around 100,000, including in the new Spanish language edition, so it’s not just more accessible, it is even more influential. The journal continues to explore the most cutting-edge ideas surrounding the physical, digital and cultural domains in which we work. The convergence of these elements of the workplace define the greatest challenges we face in the workplace of the early 21st Century. Some of these are addressed in the features included in this edition.

In Work&Place 1o you’ll find amongst other things: Susan U. Stucky exploring the role of bots in the workplace; James Pinder, Ian Ellison & Sinead O’Toole exploring a new approach to inclusive design; Terri Griffith on digital overload; Bruce Barclay on the changing workplace ecosystem; Stefano Anfossi and Fabrizio Pierandrei on how the workplace can foster peer-to-peer learning; Peter Thomson on stress and Kay Sargent on the multi-generation office.

The portal now features an archive of content from all 1o issues of the journal and Workplace Insight readers have the chance to access this library from the world’s most forward-thinking workplace commentators and practitioners at a 10 percent discount by using the code INS1809 on the sign up.

All of the subjects in the library are key parts of an ongoing and evolving debate which is why it’s so important that we all contribute. We hope that you will take up the opportunity, to ask questions, challenge the writers, or to make a related point at our LinkedIn Group, via Twitter, email or the old fashioned way – a chat.

Finally, a big thank you to our readers, sponsors and advertisers for making the issue possible.

Image: Simon Heath